5 Reasons You Need Planting Seeds Tutoring in Your Life

At Planting Seeds Tutoring, an Austin, South, and Central Texas-based tutoring company, we are proud to offer students and families a variety of options when it comes to academic enrichment and support. Our tutors focus on the BIG 3 with your students: building relationships, adapting to their needs, and personalizing each student's tutoring session. We believe our unique approach keeps tutoring sessions fresh and informative for all students. This blueprint has been the driving force behind improvement in student's performance and building character.

At some point, many parents consider whether they should hire a tutor for their student. Perhaps their child is struggling academically, or they are bored at school. There are a number of reasons why hiring a tutor is a good choice, and not all of them are as obvious as you may think:

Academic Enrichment

People often assume that students who are enjoying academic success can continue to glide down the path of success, unaided. In reality, students who are already doing well are prime candidates for tutoring; they can pre-learn upcoming concepts for their classes, and they can benefit from acceleration and enrichment, which will help them stay challenged, engaged, and prepared for continued success. Additionally, students who are already earning good grades can use opportunities to dig more deeply into concepts that are of interest to them, which they may have limited time to do in their respective classrooms.


This is the most common reason parents seek academic support for their student outside of school, and it’s an important one. When students are struggling in class, it can be difficult for them to get the support and attention they need during the school day. In most academic settings, the student to teacher ratio is high. Too high, in fact, for students to get individualized attention. Also, testing timelines often dictate the amount of time teachers have to focus on any one concept, regardless of whether or not everyone in the class is ready to move forward. At Planting Seeds Tutoring, we can individualize your student’s experience to best meet their needs.

Build Self-confidence

When you do well, you feel well. It’s as simple as that. A student who walks into a classroom prepared with information is going to feel very good about what they can conquer on any given day. Arming students with the knowledge they need to nail an assignment, ace a test, or simply keep their head high and their hand up in the air, is a great foundation for a sense of accomplishment and a ‘can-do’ attitude. 

Stave Off Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is the loss of skills gained during the academic year over extended breaks, such as summer vacation. Summer learning loss varies across grades, classes, and socio-economic status. While students often look forward to tuning out during the summer months, the cost of avoiding the books can be devastating, even for students who finish their school year on top of their class. Summer is a great time to revisit old concepts and to pre-teach new ones in advance of the next grade. 

Avoid the Parent/Kid Homework Battle

What parent can't relate to the nightly homework woes? Sometimes, it can feel a lot like pulling teeth – cajoling, reminding, and coercing kids to get to work, stay focused, and slog through the seemingly never-ending pile of evening assignments.  And at the end of the day, parents want to enjoy their precious time with their children and students would prefer to not have to resume their academics after spending a lengthy day in the classroom. Let us help you and your student with homework. With our trained tutors, we can help facilitate the work so that home can remain a safe space, free of nightly battles.

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