Planting Seeds Tutoring Earns "Top Pro" Recognition

We’re thrilled to share that Planting Seeds Tutoring was recently recognized as a “Top Pro” by Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals!

According to Thumbtack’s website, the Top Pro distinction is “reserved for a very small fraction of Thumbtack’s most dedicated and highly-rated professionals—in fact, less than 4% of Thumbtack pros currently qualify.” For reference, over 200,000 professionals in over 1,100 service industries use Thumbtack on a regular basis to connect with potential clients.

In order to qualify for consideration as a Top Pro with Thumbtack, Planting Seeds met and exceeded the following three benchmarks:

●     Deliver exceptional service. Top Pros have maintained a rating of at least 4.8 stars based on their verified reviews over the past 12 months.

●     Ask for reviews. Top Pros have received at least five verified reviews from Thumbtack customers in the past 12 months.

●     Get hired on Thumbtack. Top Pros have been marked as hired at least ten times within the past 12 months.

 Planting Seeds Tutoring has been rated highly for professionalism, punctuality, and value. We have been hired over 20 times on Thumbtack alone in only 1 year of using their service.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“...I have two children who have struggled with math & reading and their confidence was very low. It's been 2 months and my children have improved their confidence & understanding of the subject. Also, they can't wait for the next tutoring session because they use a unique approach that best fits my children. I would highly recommend their services.” - Dayna C.

“They truly value my child and want him to learn concepts and do better in school. In just a month, I have noticed an improvement in his confidence and ability to grasp concepts. Planting Seeds Tutoring has been worth every penny!” - Roxanne M.

“...(they)  placed my child with a great tutor who provided plenty of effective strategies, tips and practice tests to challenge my son. His score went up 250 points after 6 weeks of tutoring. I also like the fact that they keep my son accountable and push him to excel. They serve as a role model for students. I highly recommend!” - Kris J.

Our Introduction to Clients Via Thumbtack

Planting Seeds Tutoring has a unique ability to interact with the student and assess what the children's needs are in order to educate and improve the student's performance. We are passionate about our teaching and believe if the student is passionate about learning then they will continue to grow.

Our inspiration came from being passionate about helping others. Helping children achieve their goal in the classroom as well as helping them grow as a person outside is very rewarding. By helping them become more educated and increase their values it is building their character. In addition, we love the ability to help others children everyday and to watch them grow and increase their knowledge daily. It is through passionate learning that builds the seed to growth.

A Message From The Planting Seeds Team

“It is such an honor to have been recognized as a Top Pro on Thumbtack! This recognition would not have been possible if not for our amazing tutors who range from  fully-credentialed teachers with 3 to 5 years of verifiable classroom experience to college students or recent graduates who are currently enrolled in educational classes and have hands-on experience working with students.

Our tutors come from backgrounds as diverse as our clients, and are highly capable of addressing a number of clients needs. With their expertise and guidance, our students can focus on improving grades in core classes, as well as preparing  for high-stakes college admissions tests. We’re experienced and qualified to work with all grades from elementary school and the way to (and through!) college. And, we’ve got all of you educational needs and situations covered: last-minute test prep, adult students going back to school, and of course, traditional k-12 students.”

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