Enrichment and Acceleration for the Academically Successful Student

At Planting Seeds Tutoring, we realize that many different situations can create a need for
tutoring. Our individualized approach allows us to meet any and all of these needs. While
tutoring is most-often associated with remediation and helping students to ‘catch up’,
academic tutoring can be a wonderful asset for to students who are already experiencing
academic success and hope to be challenged beyond the classroom.

Why Tutor a Student Who is Already Earning Good Grades?

While it may seem counter-intuitive, students who are currently experiencing academic success in school can also benefit from educational support in an out-of- school setting. These students benefit from being challenged beyond the classroom, as they can under-perform if they are not feeling challenged and can, therefore, start to fall behind. There exists a misconception, tutoring is reserved for students who are struggling and in need of remedial support and interventions to bring them up to grade level. Students who excel often complete their work more quickly and may have more downtime in the classroom than their peers. They often are overlooked while teachers and paraprofessionals devote their attention to students who are struggling to master a concept.

How Can Planting Seeds Tutoring Help?

Students who are naturally curious often get their curiosity piqued by a concept that is
introduced in their classroom, however; due to various statewide standards, timelines, and
classroom size, teachers often do not have the time or resources to delve deeper into a topic
that may be exciting or interesting. At Planting Seeds tutoring, we do have the resources and
time to be able to devote to taking advantage of these 'teachable moments' and to dig more deeply into concepts and incorporate hands-on activities on an individualized basis. We can also explore concepts across curriculum areas to delve into how math, science, literacy, and history are woven together in our lives. At Planting Seeds Tutoring, there is no ‘ceiling’ for students. We don’t simply teach to a standard, rather, we want students to embrace a concept and to explore it in every direction. Reaching a benchmark isn’t the goal, instead, exploring a concept, applying it in different situations and building on it is the hallmark of successful academic exploration and helps to keep students feeling passionate and engaged in their learning.

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