Take a look at what parents and students have to say about their experience with Planting Seeds Tutoring services. Here are some testimonials, written in their own words:

Chris helped my grandson Jeremiah excel in reading and math. Before we started tutoring with Mr. Jones, Jeremiah struggled comprehending words, understanding concepts, and solving basic math problems. Over time, Mr. Jones has vastly improved my grandson's academic performance!

-Betsy M.

Brianna is a great fit for Skyler and he's making weekly gains. He gets really excited to work with her and she knows how to bring out his best. 

- Christina J.

My son was reluctant to be tutored, but by then end of the hour my son was leaning over totally engaged with Chris. Smiling, and enjoying learning. I loved it. Chris has personality plus, awesome attitude, extremely smart, great practice tests, great work ethic. Total package. Wish we could clone him. 

- Anita R.

Thankful I found this tutoring company! They truly value my child and want him to learn concepts and do better in school. In just a month, I have noticed an improvement in his confidence and ability to grasp concepts. Planting Seeds Tutoring has been worth every penny!

- Roxanne M.

Planting Seeds Tutoring is awesome! From their professionalism all the way down to the quality of tutors. I have two children who have struggled with math & reading and their confidence was very low. It's been 2 months and my children have improved their confidence & understanding of the subject tremendously. Also, my children can't wait for the next tutoring session because PST uses a unique approach that best fits them. I would highly recommend their services.

- Dayna C.



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