Advanced Placement Tests (AP)

The AP Test

The Advanced Placement tests are a hallmark of high school education as a preemptive look at how well a student performs at a collegiate level. Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep helps students prepare for the AP subject test by:

  • consistently covering subject material
  • implementing test-taking strategies
  • providing students practice tests

These instruction techniques guarantee confidence in facing the AP tests. Contact us today for information regarding AP test prep and tutoring. We offer tutoring services in-personal and online in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

What is the AP Test?

The Advanced Placement Test, or AP test for short, is an assessment given to high school students upon completion of an Advanced Placement course. The test differs on subjects and is provided by CollegeBoard.

The AP test is used to determine if a student has mastered a particular subject. A high score on an AP test (typically understood as a 3 or above) can benefit your student in several ways:

  • It can transfer as credit to a college or university
  • It can save you money
  • It can provide students an academic edge over their peers

All of these qualities of the AP test can be utilized for your student – so long as he or she maintains a good grade in the class and receives a high score on the subject test. That’s where Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep can help – we provide our students with the confidence to master the AP test by instructing them through rigorous AP test prep.To see what AP courses are available to students, check out CollegeBoard’s official website. To find out what your local schools offer, you will need to check with your (or your student’s) high school registrar or counsellor. 

Students will also need to check their desired college or university to see if AP tests can count as a completed course towards their degree. In order to find out what courses are accepted at a specific university or college, try contacting the transfer admissions help desk at the specified facility. 

To receive college credit for an AP test score, your scores must be sent to the institution through CollegeBoard. To find out more, please review the CollegeBoard’s website


Test Dates and Registration

The AP test is created by CollegeBoard and usually administered in the beginning weeks of May. You can find the official AP website here.

The official CollegeBoard website provides a list of the different dates by which the student must submit documentation to take the AP test, particularly those with disabilities requiring testing accommodations, or for those who are homeschooled or unable to take the AP course at their high school. Click here to see a list of dates provided by CollegeBoard to ensure your student is on top of all the deadlines associated with taking his or her AP test. 

When considering which tests to take, please note that each exam typically costs $94, but test cost may vary depending on fees. There are fee reductions available to students facing a financial hardship. Click here to find out more. 

Practice Questions

CollegeBoard offers students a list of practice questions in multiple subjects on their website, found here. There are additional practice tests and questions provided through many other avenues, which our tutors readily use when preparing our students for the AP subject tests. Contact us today for a detailed, specialized approach to mastering the AP subject content, and an engaging AP test prep course through Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep!

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