Beating Summer Learning Loss: 5 Ways to Stay Sharp This Summer

Summer is a time to relax, stay up late, sleep in, and hang out at the pool. Right? While it is certainly
important for students to have an opportunity for some down time over the summer break, it is also
important to note that many students, many from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, will return to
school in the fall with achievement levels that lower than what they were at the end of the academic

What is Summer Learning Loss?

This summer learning loss, summer slide, or summer setback, is something that has been studied since
the early 1900’s. Typically, this phenomenon of losing academic skills and knowledge affects students
more in math than reading. The higher the grade level, the more significant the loss. On average,
students lose up to a month of achievement over a 10-week summer break.

How do Schools Address Summer Learning Loss?

Some school districts combat summer learning loss by offering a year-round schedule. Incorporating
shorter ‘intersessions’ into the academic calendar, rather than an extended summer break has proven
helpful in avoiding summer learning loss. Conventional summer schools have also proven effective in
addressing potential summer slide, however; many families don’t have the option for summer school or
year-round schools or don’t wish to participate in either of these options. Below, we offer some
strategies and fun tips and tricks for keeping your student engaged and sharp over the summer:

● Read to achieve: Many local libraries offer summer reading challenges during school breaks.
Students can compete for prizes and parents can often find additional resources online to
support reading materials. Additionally, many teachers share summer reading lists with students
to help them prepare for their upcoming year. Having your student reach out to their new
teacher to inquire about helpful reading materials over the summer would be a great way to
break the ice and introduce themselves!

● It adds up: Look for opportunities to incorporate math into daily family activities. Create a
budget for groceries and shop with your students. Compare prices on different items and work
together to determine which is a better bargain. Shop sales and talk about what an item will
cost if it is 20% off. Plan road trips and figure out how many miles your car can go on a full tank
of gas.

● Play games!: Board games and card games can be terrific tools to build critical thinking skills.
Board games are all about planning and thinking ahead, or strategizing.. Most game rules make
something that should seem easy a bit more challenging, which promotes problem-solving skills.
Most board games also require logic and reasoning, both important skills for academics and life,
in general.

● Hit the road: Venture out into the community with your students! Visit a local museum, explore
your town’s history, take a nature walk. The world is your classroom and getting your students
out and about for real-life learning is a terrific way to build knowledge and make memories.
As you are planning and executing your summer activities, we want you to remember one important
thing: do be sure to take a break and have fun together! Summer provides you and your students with a
chance to rest and recover from the stress of the academic year. While it is important to stay
academically active, it is equally as important to enjoy a well-earned time out from the day to day of the
school year!

Planting Seeds Tutoring and Summer Break Options

Planting Seeds Tutoring will gladly provide supplemental tutoring sessions for your students during their
summer break. Whether your student needs practice for skills not yet mastered, reinforcement or
enrichment in one or more subject areas, or if they are inclined to get a head start on new content for
the new school year, we are here to help!

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