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Values and the Subjects We Tutor

Our Tutoring Values

 Building Relationships

As our tutors work with students, they focus on getting to know them as learners and as people. We see building relationships and positive rapport as a vital part of one-on-one tutoring. So, Planting Seeds keeps students with the same tutor throughout their school semester to keep great synergy going.

Power of Adaptability

Our individualized, flexible scheduling includes evening and weekend options, so finding a convenient time is easy, and our in-home & online services eliminate drive time and transportation complications. Our job is to be flexible with your schedule by making learning fun and less complicated!

Personalized Learning

 Our individualized approach allows us to meet any and all needs. Academic tutoring can help students who hope to be challenged beyond the classroom. We also provide tutoring to supplement home school educations. Long story short, whether it’s a short-term or long-term commitment, we can be there to help.

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Test Prep and Practice Tests

The Test Prep section of our website contains many useful resources to help you find out more about the tests we tutor for,  registration links, dates, and content matter. We even have links to official practice tests to help our students succeed in:

  • PSAT, SAT (and Subject Tests)
  • ACT
  • AP
  • GRE, GMAT, and more.

Core Subjects


Reading Comprehension, Language Art, Grammar, Writing, and Literature

Essay Assistance

Need some help coming up with an essay or editing a finished product? We can do that!

Reading Help

We help our students understand the complexity of English using methods to master the phonetics, understand grammatical structure, and the repetitive use of high-frequency words. Let us help you, or your student, succeed in this invaluable skill.


Elementary through College Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring and Test Prep is an essential part of what we do here at Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep. We will adjust our lesson planning based off an assessment and any accommodations your student receives while in school. We enjoy using multiple sources of technology to engage our students in innovative and exciting ways. 


The STAAR Test is essential to every Texas student in a public school setting. We tutor the STAAR, too! 

Foreign Language and ESL Tutoring

ESL, Spanish, Latin, and French. Proficiencies at all levels.

Our specialized group, on-on-one, and online tutoring sessions are tailored to meet every student’s needs. English Language Learners (ELLs) will benefit from our implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKs) which outlines what each grade-level requires for success. 

Each grade level includes lessons for English Language Learners as outlined in the TEKS. We can also utilize this to help teach our students in foreign languages. Our tutors typically receive years of foreign language education throughout their years at college!

Earth Science, Biology

Science tutoring across all grade levels

Chemistry, Physics

We enjoy employing tactics to engage our students with fun applications of science. We accomplish this with exciting, hands-on approaches to recognize the importance of science and technology in our contemporary world. There are plenty of online resources to help your student interact with the world around him or her! 


"Hiring a tutor from this amazing and incredibly organized organization has been the best decision for my daughter and I...She looks forward to meeting with her tutor twice a week, enjoys her homework and fun assignments, and talks so highly about her teacher every day after the session!"
Proud Parent

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