Homeschooling Tips for Online Students

Kids learning at home?

Because of the recent…ahem…world events happening too close to home, children across the globe are required to stay home during what should be a typical school day. Teachers and parents are stepping up to assist children in online learning by setting up online courses and emailing recommendations for parents to provide a quality education at the dinner table. As tutors, we have the unique experience of being highly trained in in-home AND online tutoring, and we have some tips for you!

Break time? STATION TIME.

The first thing you will quickly realize is that teachers include a lot of breaks for students.  Every moment of the day is structured, but not scheduled. All students learn at different paces, and stations make a GREAT educational time filler for kids to independently complete tasks. This is particularly helpful if you have a combination of younger kiddos learning together in a small-group setting. 

Stations are places where students can go once they have completed a certain amount of work. They are set up to be low-energy and provide a break for the kid to lost himself in while other students finish up work. They can be puzzles, experiments, coloring sheets, STEM-centric, you name it. Being the parent means you have the opportunity to pull out the best of the best to create these stations, because you can tailor stations to meet your child’s interests in a way teachers rarely have the resources to. Plus, stations can even be mundane chores around the house! BINGO.

Use Websites like Youtube to learn a topic.

It can be hard to know how to help your child learn a topic, and we want to support you along the way. Check out some of our favorite education resources that you can utilize in your child’s learning:

For LESSON Planning

Lesson planning can be a difficult aspect of teaching, as it can incorporate years of experience in differentiated learning fit into a short tutoring session. We utilize websites to help instruct students in a concise and time-sensitive way. Check out the links below!

*Requires membership

*Requires membership to access some worksheets

*Requires membership to access some worksheets

*Requires membership



Phonics is a key element to a young person’s education – phonics has been shown time and time again to promote early literacy, and we here at Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep use it as the ideal method of teaching children how to read (in case you were unaware, there is actually more than one method of teaching reading – but none so effective!). 

*Requires purchase of books

*Requires membership to access some worksheets



For Math, we try to be sure that we find websites that cover BACKGROUND instruction instead of teaching just METHODS. That’s key in helping a struggling student succeed, or teaching new concepts for the long-term.

*Requires membership to access some worksheets

*Requires purchase of books



Keeping children updated in the circle of current events is a way to show them respect as individuals with valid opinions. Gone are the days when children were “seen” but not “heard.” We couldn’t be MORE supportive of having socially and politically aware students on our PST team.

Try out these resources below (YouTube KIDS – Youtube may have content inappropriate for some viewers.)


Follow the school's academic calendar.

Every teacher creates a blueprint for the school year in order to cover the vast amounts that a kiddo is required to know by the STAAR test (by the way, Gov. Abbott canceled the STAAR this year!). This is oftentimes transferred to a syllabus which a teacher then passes out to the students at the beginning of the academic year, and sometimes it is available online for your student to view.

However, elementary students often don’t have a full academic syllabus on hand. That’s why we’ve created one for our tutors to use when covering material required by the state of Texas.

The PST academic calendar is specific for elementary students – Curious about it? Schedule a consultation and ask us what your kiddo should know by now and how we can help your child get up to speed with the material he or she may have difficulty remembering due to the significant break from school. Remember: learning still needs to happen, even though students are on break. 

The world is uncertain. Education doesn't need to be.

Teaching is a stressful job. Trust us (lol). Tutoring is unique because we form bonds with students in a one-on-one setting that teaching in a group just can’t produce. That means we have experience in obtaining results in ALL kinds of students! Our goal is to see organic learning happening.

We typically follow the TEKS standards, which is what the teachers use to create a curriculum for their kiddos to be sure that they meet the Texas standards for college readiness at the end of each grade level. PST can provide you an assessment to show what your student needs to work on to meet those standards and finish out this stressful school year STRONG!

Skilled tutoring is what we boast because we have teachers on our team who are passionate about learning AND teaching. We can assist you in your endeavors to teach your kiddo – why not sit in on a tutoring session to see how a Planting Seeds tutor can provide materials for you in your journey to homeschooling your child during this uncertain time.

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