How to Boost Your Grades In 45 Minutes

A magical lamp shows up, and as a joke you rub it three times. Surprise! A powerful genie pops out and offers you three wishes. If you’re a student, there’s almost a 100% chance you’re asking that genie to raise your GPA …without any extra work or studying on your part. This genie is looking like the greatest thing to ever happen to you! The genie says, “I can do that for you, but you have to do one thing…” 

You almost start nodding before you answer, “What’s that condition?” 

Suddenly, the genie changes in your eyes. It must show on your face because the genie steps forward, trying to sell you on this “one thing”. “I promise it will be worth it. I’ll raise your grades AND your test scores, but to sweeten the deal, I’ll also make your mood better–you’ll always feel like being productive, you’ll be happier, you’ll feel more awake. I’ll make you more creative and better at thinking clearly about abstract subjects. You seem nice so  I’ll boost your immune system and reduce stress. And ya know what, 2020 has been a rough year. I’ll even throw in some mental health benefits and an improvement in your impulses and behaviors.”

“Where do I sign?” you ask eagerly.

The genie laughs. “No documents, this is even easier than that. If you sleep 45 more minutes at night, I’ll do all this. It doesn’t matter whether you go to bed earlier or sleep in earlier. I’m a reasonable creature, I’ll even accept a nap during the day! For every night you do this –even if you are sleep deprived!– I’ll give you all these benefits.” 

“Wait… that’s all!?” You’re incredulous! “I’m in! Now about those remaining 2 wishes…”

Okay, at PST we can’t confirm or deny the existence of genies or magical lamps, but we can help grant your wish. That’s right, for just 45 minutes of additional sleep per night, you’ll see benefits in your grades and testing scores. We’re not even asking you to get enough sleep each night, or to get more than the amount of hours that makes a full night’s sleep for you. Studying is hard, life is hard, and some days are harder than others. Sleep deprivation is a pandemic (and we don’t have to remind you about the other pandemics going on right now). It’s hard to get enough sleep every night! But if you can just decrease what Rise Science calls “the sleep debt” then you’ll see benefits. It can feel so overwhelming to “do all the things” and accomplish self care while trying to stay on top of your studies. So don’t. You don’t have to have a perfect sleep schedule. Just get 45 more minutes of sleep during the school year, whenever you can. That’s all. That’s it. Easy peasy. You got this!

And now’s the perfect time 

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