In-Person vs. Online

Our focus is to help each student succeed

In-Person Sessions

A majority of sessions involve meeting at a public location (i.e. library) between the tutor and a student. These meetings will be scheduled in advance and we generally strive to schedule consistent meeting times on a weekly basis. Planting Seeds Tutoring is focused on bringing out the best of your student by building trust and instilling an eagerness to learn. Therefore, meeting in person as often as possible is a big priority for us. However, It's important to schedule sessions consistently to promote constant growth, so when needed, we will also work with you and your student to schedule online sessions for your convenience.

Online Sessions

Online sessions are held using an easy-to-use software platform that allows tutors and students to easily communicate during sessions. Like In-Person Sessions, these are also scheduled in advance. The purpose of these sessions is to offer the flexibility to conduct tutoring sessions whether or not the student can meet at a physical location. Planting Seeds Tutoring is driven to help your student succeed, and these virtual sessions ensure that learning opportunities are maximized.

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