I’ve Got a Tutor – Now What?

What does the tutor do - teach, tutor..and what's the difference?

This is a question that we get all the time at Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep! When tutoring students, we oftentimes run into two different camps: homework help (or mentoring) and full-on teaching. Tutoring older students oftentimes means homework help as older students can identify the subject matter they need to practice. For example: a student in 8th grade can remember, and take note of, what they didn’t understand during class. That student can see that kind of question in homework and tell the tutor, “I need help with this problem!” This is very useful for a tutor to direct a student while working on the student’s homework. However, this is not the case for younger students (k-6th/7th).

Younger students require a bit more hand-holding when it comes to tutoring. Tutoring for the younger students looks a lot of an hour (or so) of decoding what the student is missing. The level of observation that is required for tutoring younger students is intensive. This is where experienced teachers come into play – Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep has a staff of teachers who train and offer aid to tutors who teach younger students. 

How to utilize tutoring

Having a tutor in your corner can add that special something to your child’s education. Whether it manifest in boosted confidence, study skills, or finally receiving an A on a test, a tutor can interact with your student on multiple levels with different results.

Setting a goal is the first step in utilizing a tutor. Sure, an A in math is a great goal – but sustaining a top-notch grade involves study skills, independent assessments, foundational review, and much more. 

Asking your child’s teacher is a perfect way to know what the student needs help in and what the tutor can dial in on during the sessions. If you want a comprehensive list of subjects Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep can teach your student, check here. 


How to Move Forward with Tutoring - Choosing a GREAT Tutor

What’s the biggest difference between local tutoring companies and enrichment centers and Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep? Well, we teach students. Typical tutoring sessions with our local, leading competitors means time reviewing subjects. While reviewing is very helpful, we like to recognize student’s strengths and weaknesses from the get-go and provide personalized learning plans so that when the time comes, the student is well-equipped when being taught subject material in the classroom. We provide an in-depth assessment, see what requires work, match it to the required TEKS (the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and generate a lesson plan to tackle specific subjects. That means we are a results-driven company comprised of high-caliber tutors. 

When choosing a tutor, you need to know that he or she will be there for your student through the thick and thin. Trust is developed when an educator can consistently show-up for your student again and again. Our policy is that we provide in-home, private tutoring from the comfort of your home and we strive to meet your schedule needs. We also go to libraries, coffee shops, daycares, and even schools (yes, we have contracts with some local schools and provide tutoring during the day! Contact us for more details on how to have a Planting Seeds Tutor visit your student during the school day). 

The need to succeed is higher than ever, and we provide packages to students based off hours used. Here’s our per-hour breakdown when choosing a tutoring package through Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep below:

Would You Benefit from Tutoring?

Would you, or your student, benefit from our in-home or online tutoring offered in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio? Absolutely! Contact us today to receive information regarding tutoring for English, Reading, Math, Science, History, and Test Prep. Curious about what subjects we teach? Click here to visit our website at www.plantingseedstutoring.com. You can also contact Planting Seeds Tutoring with your questions at (972) 342-6496, or via email at plantingseedstutoring@gmail.com.

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