Kids Won’t Do Homework? Start Doing This TODAY!

1. Habits + Structure = Success

If your student has developed the habit of procrastination, this can modify a kid’s stress response to homework. Does anyone want to do something that makes them feel afraid, nervous, and gives them legitimate FOMO? Of course not!

Establishing the daily habit of setting aside time in a quiet, undisturbed place will allow a kid (no matter the age) to restructure his or her thinking about homework from a negative to a positive experience. Tip: don’t let siblings, pets, or family disrupt this time, and don’t schedule fun things for the rest of the family to do during this time. Does the student have a favorite show? Don’t schedule homework during that time. That will likely train your child to hate homework!

Think of it as imperative to your child’s success. Because truly, independent relearning is how we remember more complex structures of thinking. We truly are incredible!

2. Rewards

Having a reward system for your kids is always a great way to get them to do homework! Use popular methods that you know is unique to your child. We’ve heard it described as the “When you…” statements (“When you finish your homework, you can….”
Also having the set-aside homework time right before a favorite show is a popular method to have a set time where homework must be completed.


3. Organization

No child we’ve ever heard of naturally has perfect organization skills. However, organization is key to establishing a great rapport with children conquering homework and enjoying it!

When kids have an organized binder and homework folder, then they can easily spend their set-aside time doing exactly what there are supposed to – stress free! Disorganization causes stress to pile up on a student (especially those whose dispositions are more sensitive to stressful situations and can cause derailing, which is exactly what we don’t want happening right before homework!).

Having a clean, clear, clutter-free space available for a child to work will also promote sense of responsibility to maintain a mentally clear environment for homework, too.

Next time you have your student complete homework, let us know how it goes!

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