Let’s Talk Summer Learning Loss

I know, I know, you don’t want to hear it. It’s been a long academic school year and you’ve been looking forward to a break! That break is finally just around the corner. Yay! at last! no more homework! There’s nothing you’re more excited about than not having to put up with your least favorite subject. Maybe for you, that’s math or English…maybe it’s Spanish, maybe it’s Physics! No matter the subject, the prospect of not having to sit through that class and all of its boring homework is thrilling. But let’s take a little trip down memory lane…


Remember back to late August and early September… yes, it was kind of a weird school year with the tumultuous process of distance learning and lots of uncertainty. On top of that though, the reintroduction to whichever your weakest subject is was difficult. You likely forgot a lot of the things you learned in that specific subject last year, which made the beginning of year review (which we all know is boring to the max!) that much more frustrating. After all, a review is not a reteaching, it’s just a refresher. A review is a quick run-down of the main ideas, not a total breakdown of all the reasons why and how to get there; which makes it more difficult when you’ve entirely forgotten a concept and are trying to relearn it. 


Did you know there’s a term for this? It’s called “summer learning loss” and it’s a widespread effect experienced by almost all students at some point in their academic journey. For some students, it’s a regular occurrence after every school break.


But here’s the bad news… it’s almost guaranteed to be a greater deficit if you experience summer learning loss in a subject you don’t like. Why? Our brains just get rid of unimportant information, and it doesn’t matter if the information is important to your teachers or your grades, it only matters if it is important to you… and chances are, if you don’t like that subject, your brain will interpret your disinterest by categorizing that information as unimportant.


Here’s the good news! You can avoid summer learning loss! There are many ways that you can do this, by taking summer camps or workshops in your weakest academic subjects, buy reading books or watching movies about them, but practicing old homework or worksheets on those concepts, working with a tutor, or watching youtube channels/educational videos (we have a few on our Facebook page!). All you have to do is a little practice on a daily or almost daily basis, and you’ll be in much better shape come the new school year! That’s simply it! Summer learning loss prevented!