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Planting Seeds Tutoring focuses on building strong relationships, adapting to every students needs and creating personalized lesson plans for students. We believe our unique approach keeps tutoring sessions fresh and informative for all students. This blueprint has been the driving force behind improvement in student’s overall performance and character building.



As our tutors work with students, they focus on getting to know them as learners and as people. We see building relationships and positive rapport as a vital part of one-on-one tutoring. Students learn better when they feel comfortable and valued, and our tutors do just that. As tutors learn about your child’s interests and goals, they can also make material relevant to students’ lives. When students understand why material matters to them, their motivation, confidence and retention increases dramatically. An individual relationship with a caring student is the best way to create this effective learning dynamic. We typically try to keep students with the same tutor throughout their school semester to keep great synergy going.

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Our individualized, flexible scheduling includes evening and weekend options, so finding a convenient time is easy, and our in-home & online services eliminate drive time and transportation complications. Furthermore, we offer tutoring sessions in public locations (libraries, coffee shops, community centers, etc.) if that is more convenient for the student. Planting Seeds Tutoring also offers online tutoring for students.  This provides more convenience for students who are on the go consistently (traveling, long work hours, living in a different location, etc.).. Our job is to be flexible with your schedule by making learning fun and less complicated!



We realize that many different situations can create a need for tutoring. Our individualized approach allows us to meet any and all of these needs. Academic tutoring can help students who hope to be challenged beyond the classroom. We have also provided tutoring to supplement home school educations. If you are home schooling and want reinforcement or enrichment in one or more subject areas, our one-on-one tutoring maintains the individual, caring attention of your home school environment.

Many students benefit from occasional homework help. Maybe it’s a big paper that needs to be just right. Maybe it’s one particular math chapter that has both student and parents stumped – and, there’s a test coming soon. Maybe it’s science fair time. Hiring a tutor doesn’t need to be a long-term commitment. Our local tutors can be at your door immediately to help your student meet short-term learning goals, too.

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We are committed to a simple, straightforward process between consulting with clients to matching students with tutors. We ensure continued support throughout – contact us today!

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