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Chris Jones, Founder of Planting Seeds Tutoring


Hello! My name is Chris Jones and I am the founder and owner of Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep. My envision of being a tutoring and test prep agency that helps students achieve academic success while building strong personal character and confidence is what Planting Seeds Tutoring thrives on. My passion for helping others achieve success is a direct reflection of my upbringing and the impact from others throughout my journey. 

My educational journey began as a tutor while obtaining my undergraduate degree at Texas State University. As a tutor, I worked with college students at our universities learning center during my junior year. Later, I transitioned to Mendez Elementary where I helped underprivileged students who had learning disabilities (autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, processing disorders). During this time, I developed a strong passion to help students achieve success and reach their personal goals.  As my love for tutoring flourished, I began helping more students at the elementary as a teacher aide in the classrooms, as well as providing one-on-one private tutoring for students K-6th grade. 

After graduating Texas State University with a degree in Accounting, I began working as an Accountant for the State of Texas. From there, I started tutoring & mentoring co-worker’s students for fun. Throughout this time period, I began to witness some of the challenges students faced in order to be successful, such as poor study skills, different types of learning styles & lack of self-esteem. Through several trial & errors, I began to figure out what worked best for the students and motivated them to be the best version of themselves. I quickly began to realize that setting goals is a vital component to building academic self-esteem and inspiring motivation to meet individual potential. 

I decided to return to school and obtain my Masters in Business Administration at Texas A&M University- Commerce. While I started my master’s, I began to build a desire to be a college instructor and taught at Southern Careers Institute at the age of 23 becoming one of the youngest instructors to ever teach at the school. This experience reinforced that many struggling students did not lack comprehension of the material & concepts, or couldn’t follow along or participate in the class. The problem was that many of the younger students (fresh out of high school) were unequipped for the challenges they would face in college. In addition, they didn’t have great organizational skills (keeping up with homework, preparing for tests, etc.) and were unmotivated by grades and lack of initiative to excel through academic enrichment. 

Throughout my experiences, I began to mold my philosophy and create my vision that would be at the core of Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep. I strongly believe in nurturing every students’ self-esteem and building their passion for learning. I believe through this concept, every student will achieve growth in abundance and become independent learners.

-Chris Jones

Work Background

  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Vocational/Trade School Instructor– (Business Accounting & General Education Program)
  • Teacher Assistant & College Tutor
  • Special Education Tutor
  • Board President of Non Profit Organization 

Educational Background

  • 3 degrees, from:
    • Collin College (AA degree)
    • Texas State University University (BBA with a major in Accounting)
    • Texas A&M University- Commerce (MBA, 3.8 GPA)
  • Member of Beta Gamma Sigma (honors organization)
  • Homer Tate Scholarship Recepient
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