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Administration Team for Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep

The tutors at Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep offer an array of professional teaching experience. We look for highly qualified tutors who are

  1. experienced in their field of expertise, and
  2. motivated to work alongside peers and students of all ages. We also seek experienced teachers who have worked in the educational field or school system in Texas. 

Our tutors are our biggest strength; they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and drive our curriculum forward. Between current and former teachers, college students, experienced tutors, and more, you can rest assured you have an expert in front of you during your sessions. Contact us today to get in touch with a tutor. 

Chris Jones, Founder and Owner

“Hello! My name is Chris Jones and I am the founder and owner of Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep. My envision of being a tutoring agency that helps students achieve academic success while building strong personal character and confidence is what Planting Seeds Tutoring thrives on. My passion for helping others achieve success is a direct reflection of my upbringing and the impact from others throughout my journey. My educational journey began as a tutor while obtaining my undergraduate degree at Texas State University. As a tutor, I worked with college students at our universities learning center during my junior year. Later, I transitioned to Mendez Elementary where I helped underprivileged students who had learning disabilities (autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, processing disorders). During this time, I developed a strong passion to help students achieve success and reach their personal goals.  As my love for tutoring flourished, I began helping more students at the elementary as a teacher aide in the classrooms, as well as providing one-on-one private tutoring for students K-6th grade.” Read more about Chris here. 

Noelle Brooks, Program Coordinator

Hi there, I’m Noelle! I am  very passionate and self-motivated with a diverse skill set. I have my degree in Spanish and International Relations and I also have a TEFL certificate and I am working on a TKT certification. I received a Fulbright grant after graduating from university. I spent my Fulbright grant teaching English at a state university in Mexico. I have experience in: -teaching/tutoring English, English as a second language, Spanish, and writing -proofreading, revising, editing -translating/interpreting English-Spanish -blog/article writing -academic mentor/counselor I have about 3 years of teaching experience. These three years of experience include tutoring Spanish, English, and scholarship/essay writing as well as formal teaching in class and online. I have mostly taught English as a second language. I have taught students of various nationalities, age groups, and levels. I also have experience in proofreading and essay revisions. I have worked with professionals in Mexico to revise academic articles about topics such as politics, social issues, education, and more. I was invited to give an academic writing course at a university where I had to design the curriculum and also give the course. I am excited to be apart of the Planting Seeds Tutoring team!


Danny Vieira, Program Coordinator

Hello everyone, my name is Danny and I am a Program Coordinator at Planting Seeds Tutoring. I studied Child Development Psychology and Spanish and I have worked in youth-based initiatives since the beginning of my career. I have previously worked as an after-school teacher, soccer coach, ESL educator and non-profit professional. Now, I am excited to support all of you in reaching our kids and families across the United States! I look forward to helping our organization and its mission grow while connecting our phenomenal tutors to the opportunities where they are needed most.

Favorite quote: “Service to others leads to greatness” – Jim Rohn


Nash Tautoan, Hiring Coordinator

Hi there! I hope you are doing well. My name is Nash and I am one of the Hiring Coordinators at Planting Seeds Tutoring and Test Prep. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resources Development and Management. I have also worked as an ESL teacher for a couple of years, taught foreign Asian students like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and etc. And I always believe that if there is rainbow after the rain, then there is success after the pain. Whatever your struggles are, face it and be fearless. Because once you become fearless life will become limitless.


 Alejandra Ortega, Hiring Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Hi, there! I’m Alejandra. I work as Hiring Coordinator at Planting Seeds Tutoring and Test Prep. I’m a Communications student and currently I’m in my third year. I have experience working as community manager and music teacher. I enjoy working with kids and I strongly believe that education based on love, empathy and assertive communication can lead students to find their passion and generate a positive impact on their lives. Being part of a project that is concerned with students’  education by building strong relationships and self-esteem is something that really motivates me.


Marielle Begonia, Hiring Coordinator


Hello! I’m Marielle. I work as a Hiring Coordinator at Planting Seeds tutoring and Test Prep. I have a degree in Psychology. I used to work as a Speech Correction Teacher in a SPED School for 2 years and  a Licensed Professional Teacher in the Philippines. I had been an ABA Specialist as well. Lastly, I had an experience working as an HR Assistant in a conglomerate company.  I believe that education is not a one size fits all and should always be interesting to students. I am honored to be part of a growing company whose main mission is to assist and help students achieve success.

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