Parents, We Need Your Help!

Looking for a Tutor?

Transparency is key.

A GOOD tutor is hard to find. After endless websites, YouTube tutorials, and reading reviews – how can you be sure to find a good tutoring company? Well, we like to think that finding the right tutor is a process that involves transparency. We assess where your child is in terms of subject matter and personality, and matching your child to one of our tutors who is guaranteed to see your child flourish. 

Ensuring your child’s success is our top priority, which is why we have monthly progress reports, check-ins, and now we will be rolling out monthly tests to give your child in order to further guarantee concrete evidence that our students are improving. We have transparency in our process, which we believe is invaluable to have on your child’s road to success. 

Why Tutors NEED Parent Involvement

We need your help in having students complete homework.

Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep not only engages students in a one-on-one (or group) setting, we also involve the parents. Our lesson plans during the tutoring session (or “hang-out times” as some of us tutors like to call it!) is followed up with age-appropriate homework. 

We know that, at times, children may have difficulty in completing homework due to a busy schedule or other external factors. However, students of all ages learn best when they follow up a lesson with independent work. Oftentimes, that independent work is hard to gauge when students are sitting right beside the ever-helpful tutor, and we try to pack as much as we can into our sessions. That does not mean that we are always able to accurately assess whether a student has internalized the information. This is supplemented by homework. Trust us, we know the pains of having too much homework because we are all college grads (or college students ourselves), so if your Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep tutor is assigning too much homework, talk to him or her!

(Our tutors make plenty of worksheets too, so if you want your child to have a little extra work on the side, let us know!)

We need your help to obtain the syllabus.

Did you know that we follow the TEKS (or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) guidelines in order to know what to teach your child during our lessons? Some students arrive at each session with a packet of homework, and some children do not. That’s why we carefully lesson plan in order to best utilize our time together with each student. Sometimes, this practically boils down to enforcing lessons taught by the teacher. 

We can’t know exactly what your child is reviewing in school without the TEKS, and we don’t know where your child is at in the TEKS process unless the teacher is also involved. Bringing schoolwork to each tutoring session (even if it’s not homework) will let us know precisely where your child may need additional help. Oftentimes, we see considerable improvement in our students during the school year and we move on to different subjects to provide additional support.  We can know where to best utilize your child’s time (and yours) if the teacher provides us a syllabus. 

We need your help in encouraging your student.

You know your child best. That’s why we understand that parental involvement in a child’s education can be what makes a child’s spirit come alive with curiosity! Children LOVE to impress their parents. We want to impart a hungry mind with knowledge, and we know that with YOUR help, we can make that dream of success a reality. Students of all ages need the emotional and physical support of parents rallying with them in their pursuit of education. 

A tutor, no matter how many times a week we meet with your student, cannot replace the moment-by-moment opportunity that you provide to your child. Though we strive to create a healthy, trusting relationship with our students to be sure that each student is comfortable during the tutoring session (and to make sure our sessions are not boring!) we know that, at the end of the day, your child responds best to parental encouragement. We provide monthly progress reports for parents in order to show how the student is improving AND to provide encouragement for him or her! It’s always fun to see children’s faces light up when a parent is proud of them.

We need you to read (and write) with them.

This one is particularly important for early readers (preK-2nd) who are still learning phonemes. Tutors who work with children who have difficulty reading see a big difference in the children whose parents read to, and with, them. Follow this infographic for help with beginning readers (please print it and use it anywhere you’d like!). 


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