Personalized Learning for All

What is Personalized Learning?

If you’re heard of 504 accommodations or IEPs, then you have likely heard of a Personalized Learning Plan. To give a *very brief* overview, 504 accommodations refer to the US law which states that persons who have disabilities will not be discriminated against. This applies to students in the public school system who are diagnosed as disabled due to particular circumstances. 

However, to receive 504 accommodations, a student must first have a specific, diagnosable, unique learning style or disability that requires special attention during the school day. Testing for disabilities like ADD or ADHD is typically available for testing in certain schools, but what if your child does not have a specific, diagnosable, unique learning style? What if your child is being pushed by the wayside by a system that often functions slow due to being understaffed or having underdeveloped tutoring programs in-school? 

That’s where Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep can assist you!


How We Create Learning Plans

We first consult with you to tell you about our process. During the in-person consultation (and we can also provide online consultations!) we administer an assessment to our students to gauge where the student falls within the grade-level requirements. After the assessment, our system generates a learning plan that caters to your student’s needs – and we translate that learning plan to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. 

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are guidelines set by the State Board of Education for educators to prepare students to be college ready by graduation. The TEKS provide information on the following:

  • What students should learn and know to be performing at grade level
  • The TEKS inform STAAR test creators know what questions should be included on the STAAR and what level of difficulty they should be
  • Help educators lesson plan for students in each grade level
  • Inform Texans on education standards for English Language Learners

Overall, the TEKS provide a big-picture overview of what Texas students will learn each year. 

For more information about the TEKS, check out our blog post on the TEKS. 

Our learning plans can be provided to the student’s teacher as well – we work carefully with the school system to ensure that the student follows smoothly along with the requirements of homework, tests, and teaching. 

What Sets Us Apart

Planting Seeds Tutoring focuses on building strong relationships, adapting to every students needs and creating personalized lesson plans for students. We believe our unique approach keeps tutoring sessions fresh and informative for all students. This blueprint has been the driving force behind improvement in student’s overall performance and character building.

We provide our students with monthly progress reports to ensure that we are meeting set goals. We also have post-tests to track exactly where the student has made progression. We are results driven, and we don’t play around with student’s grades. If you came to Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep in search of a better grade, increased understanding, and boosted confidence, that is exactly what we will accomplish together.

Would You Benefit from Tutoring?

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