Spooky October Fun-Filled Nights

We may not be your Halloween headquarters, but...

…we LOVE to get SPOOKY at Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep! Last year we had a successful Halloween Costume Contest with lots of participants! This year, we are at it again with plenty of ~spooky~ suggestions to liven up your (kinda) chilly Texas October!

For the OLDER Kids

Haunted Houses
Texas is home to some of the SCARIEST Haunted House attractions in the United States! From House of Torment in Austin to the notorious Screamworld in Houston, Texas has the spook-fest covered, y’all!

Ghost Hunts
Join an actual paranormal investigation and spend the night in the haunted location! Check local listings for experiences, but note that you’ll need to be 18+ to participate.

Ghost Tours
Did you know that nearly EVERY major town in Texas has an epic ghost tale behind it? We’re full of epic stories here in Texas, and we love us some interactive history to bring our imaginations alive!

Drive-In Theaters
A popular pastime amongst the locals of Austin and New Braunfels, drive-in theaters go way back to the good ol’ hot rod days. Look into your local drive-in to see a chilling horror movie with friends and family – it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Escape the Room – ZOMBIE Style!
Many escape-the-room attractions tout that the experience is thrilling, but none can compare with an impending zombie doom steadily reaching closer. Locations can be found across Texas!

For the WHOLE Family

Corn Maze
We love our corn mazes! A perfect blend of spooky (haunted corn mazes full of jump-scare characters) and family-oriented fun. Check out P-6 farms in Montgomery!

Fall Festivals
Local communities bring out small circus-style attractions to make a family fun event for all ages! Check your local paper for a listing of fall festivals in your area.

From haunted hayrides to the local spin around the neighborhood, this itchy-yet-satisfying family fun activity is sure to be a winner.

Write a scary story with your students to make an unforgettable spooky activity! Try out one of our Halloween/Fall worksheets for a bit more of an “educational” scare. 

Trick or Treat!
Last but not least, armoring up in your favorite costume for Halloween is a must. In fact, why not submit your Halloween costumes to plantingseedstutoring@gmail.com for the chance to win a gift card? That’s right! This year, we’re kicking Halloween off right with a bonafide costume contest.

*Rules and restrictions apply. Must be a current student of Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep to enter. Must be the legal guardian of a student to submit photos. 

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