Study at Home: Helpful Resources for Students, Parents, and Tutors

When it comes to studying, some habits may get in the way and prevent us from achieving our goals. This is particularly a nuisance when it gets in the way of a good grade.

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At Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep, we want to see your child succeed in his or her endeavors. This means that we prioritize learning not only the content matter required for school, but also lifelong study habits which will enhance the quality of our students’ lives.

Studying is a lifelong habit

Studying is not only useful for passing your class, it’s an invaluable skill that the smartest and most financially secure among us implement into their daily lives. Studying means security in our life’s pursuits. It is immensely important in grasping information shared between people; it’s a practice in communication between ourselves and the world around us. However, we have a common enemy shared among many…procrastination.

At Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep, we’ll help you or your student beat that pesky habit!

Quit Procrastinating

Newsflash: we’ve all done it. And it’s not easy to procrastinate. Sometimes, it actually takes a lot more effort to quell the panic of upcoming responsibilities than it is to just get the work done – but for some reason, we all have a tendency to procrastinate. So, how do we get over this road bump, which can become a crippling feature of life if not squashed at an early age? Check out this great TEDx talk below (which occurred in our very own Flower Mound, TX!) for some helpful tips and tricks.

How can we help our students?

Texas has a unique perspective when it comes to the education of our children. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has created a list of standards titled the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (or TEKS for short) which teachers implement when lesson planning for their class. Schools are required to follow these standards strictly, and you can supplement when needed. We’ve already written about the important of at-home support in our recent blog post, so we know that it’s paramount that children have the support they require when it comes to their education. 

So, how do you make sure your child is going to meet the requirements for his or her grade level (or above grade level)? 

  1. Know the TEKS

The TEKS contains a lot of difficult concepts and plenty of verbiage that goes beyond our typical day-to-day. That’s why our Texas teachers are rigorously taught to incorporate them into their lesson plans. We respect our hardworking Texas teachers! However, you can benefit your student by knowing the standards. Find the TEKS on the TEA’s website here! Look for grade-specific standards which match your student’s age. The TEKS maintains a straightforward guideline for what, specifically, is covered throughout the school year. 

  1. Ask the teacher for a syllabus

Remember how the teacher incorporates the TEKS into his or her lesson plans? Well, they typically have these written out before the school year even begins. Sure, there may be modifications on how the subject material is taught, but the teachers usually stay on track with what is being taught. Ask your student’s teachers for syllabuses to ensure the student is receiving supplementary material at home.

  1. Hire a tutor

At Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep, we know that the busyness of life can get in the way of at-home supplementation. We’re sensitive to your schedule and are flexible to meet your needs! We also believe that multiple resources of information (ie, a teacher, a parent, a tutor, a friend) can all benefit a student’s understanding about particular subjects and can create a well-rounded grasp of content material. Contact us today! 

  1. Self-assess with practice tests and online resources

It is important to track your student’s progression through the school year – particularly in regards to the STAAR test! We have compiled a list of helpful resources to aid you and your student in finding relevant material to supplement content covered in class. We have also found the most up-to-date, free practice tests used to assess how well your student grasps the material and to know what content he or she needs help with. That’s why we have added new information to our Core Subjects and Test Prep pages. Check them out below!

Helpful Resources

We have new and exciting features on our Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep website! Check out our two newly updated pages below which contain many helpful resources to help you or your student study at home. With links to websites, worksheets, and practice tests, we’ve compiled our favorite tools which help both our tutors and our students succeed. Check them out below!

Check out our Core Subjects and Resources page here which has a new look! We have ample resources and links on this page which will help your endeavors for accessible education! We tutors find this collection of websites and worksheets invaluable, and will update it accordingly when we find new and helpful resources!

Our Test Preparation page also has been updated to contain a plethora of helpful resources, find it here! From information about the SAT and ACT to the registration websites of the LSAT and GMAT, we’ve got you covered! We’ve conducted plenty of research to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information regarding these important tests. We want nothing more than to see you succeed in your higher education goals!

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