Taking Advantage of Teachable Moments

A teachable moment is an event or occasion which presents an opportunity for learning
something about an important aspect of life. A teachable moment is not something you can
plan for rather, it is an unforeseeable moment that must be acknowledged and acted upon.

All educators know how special a teachable moment is: that perfect opportunity to seize the
curiosity of a student, or to catch an “a-ha!” – the magical unicorn in a teacher’s world.
Unfortunately, teachable moments burn brightly and fade quickly and not all classrooms and
curriculum timelines provide enough opportunities to truly embrace these fleeting moments.

Curriculum Timelines Versus Teachable Moments

Capitalizing on a teachable moment should be a priority for everyone, however, that is typically
easier said than done. Natural opportunities to engage with students to extend and expand a
their learning are rare. More common are days packed from first bell to final bells, teaching to
a test, and teachers who don’t have enough hours in their day to cover required topics, much
less unplanned ones.

Teachable moments tend to provide students with more meaningful, long-lasting lessons. Why?
The answer is simple. If a lesson is driven by a student’s natural curiosity and students are able
to explore and investigate that which they are interested in and excited about, the results of
those investigations are processed along with the feeling that the lesson evoked, thus making
the lessons ‘stick’.

Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity is a term used to explain a desire to invest time and energy into learning
more about something and it typically leads to a greater acquisition of knowledge than learning
spurred by tests or deadlines.

For example, your student may come home from school eagerly sharing with you that they
learned butterflies were once caterpillars. Perhaps their school curriculum permits them time
to talk about metamorphosis in an abstract way, showing pictures from a science website or a
textbook. Perhaps your students want to know more about this process: how does the
metamorphosis occur, what does it look like, what causes it, what does it look like when the
butterfly emerges from the cocoon?

Not all classrooms and teachers are set up to be able to answer those questions in a deep and
meaningful way. This is not a reflection on the teacher, rather a testament to the rigorous
curriculum that they are held accountable for teaching, which simply does not allow for much
wiggle room. What gets lost here is the ability to push back on what is planned for the class and
have a natural, meaningful, and student-inspired conversation about things that students are
interested and passionate about learning.

How to Planting Seeds Tutoring Embraces Teachable Moments

At Planting Seeds Tutoring, an Austin, Dallas, South, and Central Texas-based tutoring company,
we are committed to meeting students where they are. Whether our students come to use for
enrichment, remediation. test prep, or to brush up their skills, we are able to individualize their
sessions in a way which helps them to embrace their passions, dig more deeply into concepts
which excite them, and to develop more confidence by helping them to use their desire to drive
their determination and path. As amazing as it is for our students, our educators are also
incredibly inspired by their ability to work with their students to plan their pathways to success!

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