Test Resources for College Readiness

The Tests Available for Texas Students

Texas has three main tests that students take in order to test for college readiness. College readiness is defined as a student’s ability to perform well at the rigors of college the first year. A student’s ability to do well in the first year of college is a good determiner if the student will continue to perform at-level throughout his or her college career. 

The most popular tests that students take are the SAT, ACT, and the required TSI. These tests determine eligibility for college admissions, scholarships, and what courses students take as a freshman. So, what are these three tests?

The SAT compared to the ACT

Many students wonder what options are available to them – and what test they should take. A special note is that the SAT does not have a Science test option, whereas the ACT does. The SAT appeals to many students seeking a Bachelor of Arts and the ACT appeals to those seeking a Bachelor of Science. This is a suggestion to consider, but not a hard rule.

Comparison Breakdown


  • Accepted by all accredited US universities or colleges
  • Costs $49.50 without the essay portion
  • $64.50 with the essay included
  • Order of the test subjects:
    • Reading Test
    • Writing and Language Test
    • Math Test
    • Optional Essay
  • 154 questions
  • The test lasts 3 hours
    • add 50 minutes for the optional essay


  • Accepted by all accredited US universities or colleges
  • Costs $50.50 without the essay portion
  • $67 with the essay included
  • Order of the test subjects:
    • Reading Test
    • English Test
    • Math Test
    • Science Test
    • Optional Essay
  • 215 questions
  • The test lasts 2 hours 55 minutes
  • add 40 minutes for the optional essay


The GED is available to Texas adults age 18, who are not enrolled in high school. The GED is a high-school diploma equivalency test that is an option for students who are in situations that prevent, or previously prevented, them from graduating. The GED tests a student in:

  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science

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