The Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

What's the TSI?

The TSI, or the Texas Success Initiative, is a required test for all incoming Texas college students which assesses a student’s college readiness. It tests the student in Math, Reading, and Writing. If a student makes below a certain cumulative score, he or she may be required to either retest or opt for developmental courses in college. 

The requirements to pass the TSI are as follows:

  • Reading – 351
  • Mathematics – 350
  • Writing
    • a score of 340, and an essay score of 4 or,
    • a score of less than 340 as well as an ABE Diagnostic level of 4 as well as an essay score of 5

Do I need to take the TSI?

There are many ways to qualify for an exemption from the TSI. For a complete list, please visit the College For All Texans website here or the Texas Higher Education Coordinator Board’s website here.

  •  23 + on the ACT composite score with 19 on English and Math
  •  Score on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW)section a minimum score of 480 and a Mathematics minimum score of 530
  • Transfer with satisfactory college credit into a Texas institution
  • Veteran or military service within the last 3 years
It’s important to note that the TSI does not replace the SAT or ACT tests.

Where do I take the TSI?

If you are a high school student, it may be that your high school is certified to administer the TSI to you or your student, or a local higher education facility (such as a community college or local university). 

Practice, practice, practice!

Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep will assess your college readiness when we meet and gauge where we need to spend the most study time – guaranteeing that your money and time are both well spent. Our desire is to see you succeed in all your life’s endeavors, and we want you to begin your college career with a great start. Take note – a developmental course at a college is usually just as expensive as a complete college course, however it does not count towards your degree. That means that you can save money by starting your higher education endeavors with Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep!

Want to practice some TSI questions on your own? Check out some sample questions here

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