University of Texas at Austin Chooses Planting Seeds Tutoring for Business Class Site

As we announced on our Facebook page on February 28, Planting Seeds Tutoring has been selected by the University of Texas at Austin as a site for their MIS 374 class in which business majors practice their skills by designing systems to help grow our business.

What is the MIS 374 Class?

MIS 374 is a Business System Development Class for students who are majoring in business. The course “provides a foundation in business system analysis, project management, planning, design, and implementation.”

The MIS 374 class is a popular one which has left its mark on many businesses in the community, including non-profits, start-ups, local businesses, and even some University of Texas at Austin-based campus groups. These client projects give students a real-world learning experience while also delivering measurable business value for clients, companies, and organizations.

The Selection Process

When University of Texas at Austin put out a call for proposals from potential partners, we felt strongly that UT Austin’s core values of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility, aligned squarely with our own core values and that a partnership would benefit our students at Planting Seeds Tutoring as well as the students of UT Austin.

We submitted our proposal in January, and were thrilled to receive notification that University of Texas at Austin had accepted our application and would provide dedicated students with the opportunity to help grow our business, therefore increasing our potential impact on students in the Austin, South, and Central-Texas area.

Next Steps

Now that we have been selected as a site for the MIS 374 students, the exciting work begins! Students from the class will work directly with our staff during the semester with several different areas of focus. Those focus areas include restructuring and generating creative content for our website, ideas for growing our social media presence, and creating software, systems, and processes for our tutors to use internally.

We are thrilled about this collaboration and are so excited to learn, grow, and prosper with our friends at University of Texas at Austin.

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