Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of
learning. “

– Brad Henry

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week

In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt convinced Congress to set aside an official date to honor and
recognize educators. In 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association designated the entire
first week of May to celebrate teachers, now known as Teacher Appreciation Week.
Celebrations for Teacher Appreciation Week vary from state to state and by school district.
Many restaurants and businesses honor teachers, as well. Here are some freebies for teachers
on May 8th:
– Free chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil- A
– Free ice cream cone from Haagen Daaz
– Buy one get one free burrito from Chipotle
– 10% discount on purchase at Dollar Tree all week
Many parent-teacher organizations work hard to make sure teachers know that they are
appreciated throughout the week by coordinating teacher lunches, cards, and treats, and even
washing teachers’ cars while they are in the classroom!

A Most Noble and Undervalued Profession

People decide to become teachers for a myriad of reasons: a love of children, a desire to have a
meaningful impact on a community, an interest sparked by a memorable educator that was
inspirational. Teaching provides the opportunity to have a meaningful career as a role model
and gives the rare opportunity to effect change. Some teachers may say that they enjoy the
hours or the summer break, but those are certainly not the reasons that keep them in the
classroom. Regardless of the motivations to begin teaching, there is a great deal of attrition in education.
This can be attributed to a number of things including heavy workloads, constant changes, dealing with challenging students (and parents), and feeling undermined or unappreciated. Teachers are also underpaid relative to their enormous impact.

Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Our Educators

1) They open a world of possibility! Teacher love to find the “a-ha!” or “lightbulb” moments. They
are constantly looking for new ways to help students make connections and to embrace
teachable moments.
2) They believe in their students, even when others don’t. A great teacher finds opportunity not
just in places and spaces, but in people, too. A great teacher doesn’t give up on students.
Instead, they try new approaches, start a dialogue with other teachers and with parents, and
find a way to make connections and build trust.
3) Teachers don’t just educate, they mentor, coach, and motivate. Teachers must wear many hats
each day. As no two students are alike, a teacher must be flexible and willing to meet a student
where they are. For some students that means incorporating movement into a lesson, for others
it may mean providing them with a quiet space away from the group to process information.
4) They are lifelong learners! Teachers must be prepared, they must study day in and day out to be
ready to engage the whole class, and they work hard to tailor lessons to all of the different
learners in the classroom.
5) Teachers collaborate – with each other, with family members, and with the community. They
understand the value of teamwork and know that everyone is working together with student
success as their primary goal.

How Planting Seeds Supports Teachers

When Planting Seeds Tutoring works with students, we strive to be an asset to their teachers, rather
than a liability. We welcome teachers to communicate with us about how we can best support their
students and share effective approaches and strategies when requested, by either the students or by
the teacher. We work together to ensure that students’ needs are being met and the lines of
communication are always open.

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