Workshop Recap!

Your Local Austin Tutors Tackling Back to School!

This past weekend, July 27th, our Austin tutors hosted a Back to School workshop at the Austin Asian American Resource Center, located just off of Cameron Road. With Shipleys in our bellies and worksheets in hand, we set up for a concentrated time of content review, school-appropriate expectations, and fun! 


What we covered

Here’s a breakdown of what the students learned about during this great time we had together during our Back to School Workshop!

From 10-11:45am, students in Kindergarten to 3rd grade met in a classroom to work closely with our tutors. We covered:

  1. Pattern sequencing for numbers
  2. Addition (one-digit, two-digit)
  3. Data interpretation (making graphs together)
  4. Decoding words (sounding out) using the tried-and-true Tucker Signing System. This system is particularly useful for early or struggling readers or those with unique learning styles like Dyslexia or ADD/ADHD.

Within these four topics, we had students play games with a foam basketball, signing sounds like SH, T, R, EE back-and-forth, gauging if they understood the lesson through worksheets and hands-on activities!


For our older students, (4th grade to 6th) we met from 12:15-2pm. During this time, we learned about

  1. School life and expectations
  2. Homework – how to study at home (students received a door hanger which read Quiet! I’m doing HOMEWORK! or Shh, I’m reading)
  3. The STAAR test for YOUR grade
  4. Fractions (mixed numbers, improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions)
  5. Identifying the main idea and themes in a fun passage about Skateboarding.

We are always so excited to create memories with our students. In this format, our tutors work in small groups with students in a 2:1 student-to-teacher ratio. That means, for just $20, students received concentrated instruction at a fraction of typical tutoring costs. 

Why We Do What We Do!

What’s the biggest difference between local enrichment centers and Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep? Well, we teach students. Typical tutoring sessions with our local, leading competitors means time reviewing subjects. While reviewing is very helpful, we like to recognize student’s strengths and weaknesses from the get-go and provide personalized learning plans so that when the time comes, the student is well-equipped when being taught subject material in the classroom. We provide an in-depth assessment, see what requires work, match it to the required TEKS (the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and generate a lesson plan to tackle specific subjects. That means we are a results-driven company.  

We are proud to be educators!

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