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Educational Workshops

At Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep, we offer the chance for students of all ages to hone their skills in a lecture and collaborate style workshop where students will engage with an expert in the field of study. 


We strive to ensure that our students are prepared for success both within school and after. These workshops engage students of all ages within the communities of Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas to come together and learn. We at Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep desire to see our communities thrive and achieve that through extensive education. Check out our available workshops below!

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STAAR Workshops

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We will cover TEST STRATEGIES, Content review, practice STAAR questions, and more!
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Financial Literacy Workshop

Financial literacy is a critical component of success for students. While we work with students of all ages, our ultimate goal is for every student to have the ability to succeed and excel in a post-secondary setting, and our Financial Literacy Workshop is another one of the ways that we can support their growth and success.

Check back soon to sign up for the Financial Literacy Workshop.

Writing/Reading Workshop

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important pillars of education that an individual maintains, sharpens, and utilizes throughout life. Guidance, critique, and practice makes perfect and our Writing Workshop is focused on honing professional writing skills intended for public consumption for students of all ages.

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To find out more about future workshops, community offerings, or to learn more about the full range of services offered at Planting Seeds Tutoring, an Austin, South, and Central Texas-based tutoring company, you can visit our blog, our website, or follow us on Facebook. You can also contact Planting Seeds Tutoring with your questions at (972) 342-6496, or via email at

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